Ramadhan Kareem

Without realising that time pass swiftly, we are on our way once again to meet the magnificent month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah ~

“O Allah, bless us in the month of Rejab and Sya’ban and let us pass the month of Ramadhan”

Allah says what means:

“O you who believe, fasting has been prescribed for you as it has been prescribed for people before you so that you will (learn how to) attain Taqwa” [Al-Baqarah:183]

Allah (swt) has also informed us that it is taqwa that distinguishes people in His sight.
Didn’t we want to be the person whom Allah honoured?

Allah says:

“The most honoured by Allah amongst you are those best in Taqwa.” [Al-Hujurat:13]

Ramadhan will come. So, lets work hard everyone to perform this act of ‘ibadah with the best intention and in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) as we never know whether we can meet this month of full barakah again or not.

Ahlan Ya Ramadhan. We cherish you most (:


~ by SilahALQulub on June 26, 2011.

6 Responses to “Ramadhan Kareem”

  1. awal nye kak post pasal ramadhan. syaaban pon x masuk lg. 😛

    anyway, thanks for this reminder. remind me to pay the debts. haha.

  2. nak tanya,ape maksud baba dia
    “yes dear,that’s y it comes 10 days earlier each year” ?

    *adakah satu kelas ngan saya?hihi.
    sy taktau sape empunya blog,agak2 je- blogwalking petang2 :)) **

  3. oh dear, the dialogue btwn baba n son is soo cute 🙂
    thnks for the early reminder…

    Allah bless.

    Ramadhan taskinator –> http://www.productivemuslim.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011_ProductiveRamadan-.pdf

    • cute isn’t it? hehe. anyway, u’re welcome dear. let’s remind each other in case we forgot. and.. let’s walk together! (ayat favourite) 😉

      Allah bless us all. biiznillah ~

      thanks for sharing the taskinator. superlike! 🙂

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